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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Design • Installation • Repairs • Testing • Inspections

Title 24 requires 5 Year Testing for all Fire Sprinkler Systems. We inspect, maintain and repair sprinkler systems in a timely and professional manner. We also perform flush tests, quarterly inspections and annual testing.

Restaurant Fire Suppression

Design • Installation • Repairs • Testing • Inspections

Water can’t put out grease fires, kitchen environments require specialized fire suppression systems. With International Fire Equipment we can help you protect your kitchen and stay up to current on fire codes. All systems are compliant with UL 300 standards.

We offer sales, installation, and service of restaurant fire suppression systems. Also, we offer UL 300 upgrades, portable liquid, and dry chemical fire extinguishers. In addition, we offer sales of emergency lights, grease filters, fire extinguishers, and other items available upon request. Call us at +1 (510) 237-5000 and let us put together a custom solution for your kitchen’s fire protection needs.

Fire Extinguishers

Design • Installation • Repairs • Testing • Inspections

We provide professional on-time service to your building, residence or business. Plus, we send you yearly reminders to keep your building up code. Remember, fire extinguishers need to be inspected Annually!

Special Hazards

When specialized equipment and resources are simply too valuable or too fragile to trust to a standard sprinkler system, faster, more responsive fire suppression is needed. International Fire Equipment installs and services Special Hazard Suppression systems designed to detect and suppress fires in seconds, so your most indispensable resources are safe from fire, smoke and water damage.

Data Storage
Computer Rooms
Flammable Liquid Storage
Industrial Equipment
Medical Records
Financial Records
Museum Exhibits
Historical Sites
Telecommunication Facilities
We perform routine monthly and annual inspections to ensure:
All systems are operable and ready to protect your most critical resources
Accurate testing and maintenance records keep you compliant with regulatory authorities
Your employees are trained to meet OSHA requirements
Immediate emergency response when system is discharged
The following NFPA standards serve as the basis for detailing minimum requirements:
NFPA 12 — CO2 Systems
NFPA 12A — Halon 1301 Systems
NFPA 17 — Dry Chemical Systems
NFPA 2001 — Clean Agent Systems
NFPA 72 — National Fire Alarm Code

Server/Phone Room Fire Protection

Design • Installation • Repairs • Testing • Inspections

Data center rooms, server rooms, phone rooms… all of these require special fire protection and suppression equipment.

  • CO2 suppression systems

  • Halon suppression systems

  • FM 200 suppression systems

  • Portable fire extinguishers

  • Wheeled fire extinguishers

Mobile Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Systems Don't Stay Still!

International Fire Equipment is now prepared to contribute to the safety of your mobile or commercial food & beverage fleet. We can install and maintain a variety of mobile kitchen fire suppression systems, and have kept pace with the growth and complexity of the industry and the available products. As with our other products and services, we aim to meet and exceed your needs and keep your vehicle safe, and up to code. We provide systems for both occupied and non-occupied vehicle areas, and our systems duplicate the suppression effort by combining both robust suppression and cooling.

Industrial Fire Protection

Design • Installation • Repairs • Testing • Inspections

  • Service of fire sprinkler systems

  • Pre-action systems

  • Foam systems

  • CO2 system

  • HazMat container systems

  • Quarterly certifications

  • Semi-annual certifications

  • Annual and California Title 19 five-year certifications

Fire Equipment Rentals​

Special Events • Construction Sites • Equipment Rental

CO2 • Fire Extinguishers • Fire Hose • Water Pumps

  • Special Events

  • Movie Special Effects

  • Firework Productions

  • Concerts

  • Water Pumping

  • Mobile Food Trucks/Carts

  • All events that require fire protection equipment!

Fire Extinguisher Training

At International Fire Equipment, we offer full training for your employees, construction crew, contractors, maintenance departments, architects, engineers, and anyone who has a need or interest for fire protection training. We train principles on everything from basic fire safety, to how to use extinguishers, to how to understand NFPA fire codes and compliance.

Fire Hydrant Testing & Inspection

Every Hydrant Needs Testing

In addition to our diverse fire safety products, services, and installations, International Fire Equipment is also proud to test and inspect fire hydrants in San Francisco, Sacramento, and the surrounding areas. With state-of-the-art testing and inspection tools, we can ensure that your hydrants are functional and will operate optimally just when you need them.

Regular testing is a significant component to ensure both safety and compliance, in addition to maintaining the integrity of the water system to which the fire hydrant(s) are linked to. Call us today for inspection or testing of your hydrants.

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